Murungi Fold Nursery ​& Primary School

About Murungi Fold

Murungi Fold Nursery & Primary School, ​founded in February 2017, is located in ​Bulowo village, Bumusenyi Parish, Nakatsi ​Sub-County in Bududa District. We serve ​children from Nursery classes up to ​Primary 7.

Our school has many sustainability ​projects, including beekeeping, cattle ​keeping, piggery projects, chicken ​projects, and farming.

Our Vision

To provide quality and affordable education.

Our Mission

To create an opportunity for less priv​ileged persons through education and shar​ing our passion for Christ.

Our Motto

Establish the work of our hands,

foun​d in Psams 90:17​.

Alidongira Salima Doreen


Email Sa​lima

Hello, my name is Alidongira Salima Doreen, and I am the founder of Murungi Fold Nursery ​and Primary school. I have felt called by God to provide quality education to children since ​I was in a Children’s Home myself.

I grew up with my mother who had to fish every day just to provide for me and my six other ​siblings. There was a missionary who visited our home and saw the life we were living and ​offered to take me to a children’s home here in Uganda. I was blessed with the opportunity ​to get very good care and education while there. Since my time there, I have had a dream ​of providing quality education to other needy children in Uganda as I received.

After leaving the home, I was able to go to college where I studied Early Childhood ​Education. After college, I worked in several different places, always with the goal of one-​day blessing others. I worked alongside Musana Community Development Organization, in ​Iganga, Uganda, as a volunteer coordinator, as well as a teacher at Aryan Nursery School.

In February 2017, I decided to embark on my dream to provide quality education to children ​full-time. I prayed about my decision and felt it was what God had placed on my heart. He ​directed me to the Bududa district which has been affected by mudslides where there was ​a house available for rent. With much thought and prayer, I rented the house and opened ​up Murungi Fold Nursery and Primary School.

From the day the school opened, more and more children have come to receive an ​education. That gives me peace and joy knowing that it is God’s will for my life.

I am humbly requesting on the behalf of the children for support towards their education. ​However small it is, it will contribute a lot to ensure that they can receive an education and ​hope for the future, God willing.

Thank you!

Nyerere Julius

Assistant Director

Hello, I am Nyerere Julius.

In February 2017, Salima and I started Murungi Fold Nursery & Primary School. I currently ​serve as the Assistant Director. I have always felt God put it on my heart to have a school for ​the children in my home district. The school has ongoing projects like beekeeping, craft ​making, piggery, cattle keeping, and farming to help sustain itself. It gives me joy that the ​dream God gave me of educating children is becoming reality.

Growing up with my parents and my six other siblings, my father worked as a farmer to see ​that my siblings and I went to school, while my mother was a stay-at-home mom. I grew up, ​lived, and went to school in Bududa and Mbale. During my school years in my village, I would ​walk long, sloppy, muddy hills.

I saw a lot of children who were not being educated and got married at a young age while ​others became alcoholics in the village. This made me want to grow up and do something for ​the children in my district so that I can change someone’s life the way mine was changed.

My father educated me until my senior level classes when I had to stop school so that my ​siblings could go to school, too, as my father could not afford to pay for us all. I started to ​work so that I could make money to live on and help my father pay fees for my younger ​siblings. My experience includes working at Glory Shoppers supermarket in Mbale as a ​Manager, in Jinja District as a Director, and also volunteering as a secretary at ​Njeru Bamasaaba Dev’t Association Group since 2016.

I am currently pursuing an Early Childhood Development course at the Pentecostal ​Theological College in Mbale.

If you feel you are led to support our school, you can contact us on the Murungi Fold page or ​send us an email on


We have many projects that aid our students in learning valuable skills and trades, as well as to help make the ​school as self-sustaining as possible. Here are some examples:



Be​e Keeping

School Grounds

Academic Buildings

We have (number) academic buildings ​on the property to accommodate up to​ (n​umber) students.

Outdoor Equipment

We have a vast collection of outdoor ​equipment for our children to play on ​and​ with each other.

Professional Staff

Our well-trained staff is made up of ​indi​viduals from all walks of life.

Contact ​Information

Phone Number

+2​56 (0) 785 431940

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